1. UNLIMITED YOGA for a week at only $10!

    UNLIMITED YOGA for a week at only $10! Power Up Yoga has chronicled the evolution of Yoga to the next level, a practice that is both changeless and changing. Our focus is on a physical practice, a men…Read More

  2. NEW at Willow Bend Fitness!

    Members and Friends… Thank you all for being a part of Willow Bend Fitness Club! We have had an amazing four years here and we only plan on getting better. We strive to be the Premier Fitness Club i…Read More

  3. Power Up Yoga at Willow Bend Fitness

    “NOT” Your Traditional Yoga! Power Up Yoga workouts are designed to maximize your power, energy, and vitality. They are delivered through a series of heart-thumping, sweat-pumping workouts that wi…Read More

  4. Kinesis One Functional Trainer

    The new Kinesis One is in! Come check it out.. Kinesis One – all the benefits of Kinesis in a single, stand alone station. It has a stylish design, functionality, and infinite movement possibilities…Read More

  5. Welcome Champion Fitness Members!

    Welcome all Champion Fitness members and friends to Willow Bend Fitness Club! We are terribly sorry about you all losing your gym and what has happened with Champion but we are more than sure we can a…Read More

  6. Precor 885 Elliptical Trainers

    We are happy to announce that we have purchased 5 new Precor 885 Elliptical Trainers!! The EFX® 885 combines the benefits of CrossRamp® technology and upper body moving handlebars for a total-body w…Read More


    Bored with your workouts??? Reinvent them with our new KO-7 Cross-Functional Fitness!! You will get to train like a professional boxer with a mix of cross fitness and functional fitness. -      …Read More