We are not your average therapy facility, Elite Therapy is a sport specific clinic who is genuinely committed to your rehabilitation needs…

“Elite Therapy Solutions uses advanced sport specific techniques that safely get you back to your sport, faster, and stronger than ever before!”


  • We emphasize patient education on their current conditions and working to insure exceptional outcomes.
  • Our working environment is fun, friendly, and provides an enjoyable rehabilitation experience while being staffed by talented individuals uniquely experienced with a wealth of soccer knowledge.
  • We employ the latest, most advanced sports/activity specific training techniques for all ages.
  • We have 5 respected DFW Orthopedists at our disposal and can address your any medical needs (usually within 24hrs).
  • Advanced taping techniques available for Osgood-Schlatters, Severs, a wide variety of sprain/strain injuries, and sports preparation/injury prevention. Taping expertise includes McConnell, KinesioTape, and athletic tape techniques.
  • We also provide FREE injury evaluations.


Injured on the field, court, in practice or a game?

We’ve got your back!

  • Whether you have sprained an ankle, have underwent ¬†surgery or anything in between, our physical therapy team are ready to help design a specific exercise program to regain your range of motion and strengthen your muscles.



For more information please go to: www.elitetherapysolutions.com