A lot of us do this during the holidays, but if you’re really making a stronger effort to “MAINTAIN, NOT GAIN” this year put a different “INTENTION” in “YOUR” planning.

Being spontaneous is NOT your friend, when we get hungry we tend to reach for whats available. During the holidays the choices are usually more tempting than usual.

1. Bring Your Own Dishes
It’s considered common courtesy to bring a side dish to a party. However, instead of bringing cookies or pie, bring a healthy salad or dark chocolate-covered strawberries. Fill your plate with a lean protein and your own side dishes and you’ll know you’re eating healthy.

2. Celebrate With Activity
Create new holiday traditions with your family by choosing to engage in active celebrations. For instance, instead of driving around your neighborhood to look at all the Christmas lights go take a family walk. Go ice skating, bike riding, play the Wii video game, standing moving games of course.

Mindful eating gives you permission to eat the foods you love, eating them slowly while tasting and enjoying every bite.

4. Sign Up for a Holiday Fitness Event
Check your area for local event listings to find walking, running or cycling races in your area. If you sign up for an event, chances are you’ll follow through on the necessary training. If you have kiddos or pets look for events with a family and pet friendly focus and get the entire gang involved.

5. Watch What You Drink
Yes, you should watch your liquid calorie intake, but what you drink can also affect the quality of your sleep. Drinking too much alcohol or caffeine can interrupt your sleep and leave you feeling worn out the next day. A couple drinks is ok, stick with red wine and clear alcohol and water as a mixer, it’s ok as a moderation treat but keep it at that! Remember, moderation is key!

Faryn Schwartz-Wellness Professional
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
Certified Group Fitness Instructor