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We are excited to announce the GRAND OPENING of Drew Pearson 88 Elite Performance (DP88) at the Willowbend Fitness Club ( www.WillowBendFitnessClub.com ), at 2500 Dallas Parkway in Plano, TX., on
Saturday, March 1st from 10AM-1:00PM.

At 11:00AM, Meet Dallas Cowboy Legend DREW PEARSON

DP88 will be bringing its patented and proprietary neurological speed and strength training programs to the upscale, 15,000 square foot Willowbend Fitness Club facility on March 1st, helping athletes of ALL AGES take their performance to a level they never thought was possible!

Game Changing Sports Performance UNLIKE Anything You Have Ever Seen

In the world of sports and performance achievement, technology has invaded all areas of the sports world from footwear, gloves and clothing to implements to swing, throw, etc, all claiming to elevate your performance to elite levels. However, even with these great technological advances in sport, are there still inconsistency, mediocrity, and injuries in your performance? Are you capable of performing and training at your highest level every single time you step into the arena?  No? Than why?

Despite all of these great technological advances, there is one aspect of human performance that remains totally untapped. The optimization of this one forgotten aspect of human performance cannot only allow an opportunity to reset world records, but it can allow you to take the highest advantage of all the latest sport technology the world has to offer. The injury rate, the inconsistent performances from day to day can be completely eliminated. The length of time performing at your highest level would be many years beyond the short term of “peak” performance that exists now.

This forgotten aspect is something that has always been with us, but very rarely considered when looking for higher levels of achievement. It controls every desirable trait athletes are looking for in performance: speed, strength, quickness, agility, power, focus, etc.  It controls the entirety of human performance from blood flow to breathing and all that falls between. It will enhance all aspects of your life. The quality of everything you do will be elevated. What is this miraculous sounding technological advancement? It is your NERVOUS SYSTEM…..your NEUROLOGICAL make-up if you will.

Unlike technologies in sport today, your NEUROLIGICAL foundation will never become outdated. It will never “wear out” or “burn out”, if maintained! Your NEUROLOGICAL foundation is the ultimate performance enhancer, hands down.  If you would like to learn how to use your nervous system to reach the highest level of achievement in any aspect of sporting performance, recovery, and/or injury prevention, do not miss the opportunity to maximize your performance by training your NERVOUS SYSTEM in a way that dramatically elevates your physiological performance to levels PED’s and steroids could never replicate! This is a game changer unlike the State of Texas has ever seen before and it comes to you Saturday, MARCH 1ST, from 10AM to 1PM.


(come experience firsthand the power of our Neuro-Speed and Neuro-Strength technology)

10:00AM-10:15AM  Neuro-Speed Class

10:30AM – 10:45AM  Neuro-Strength Class

11:00AM-12:00PM  Dallas Cowboy Legend, DREW PEARSON appearance

 12:15PM–12:30PM  Neuro-Speed Class

12:45PM-1:00PM      Neuro-Strength Class

Drew Pearson 88 Elite Performance class schedule BEGINS Monday, March 3rd.
We expect these classes to SELL-OUT fast, so to secure your spot!