Bruce Matsuno

  • Certified Rolf
  • Structural Integrator
  • Massage Therapist


Bruce relies on 15 years of experience and specializes in restructuring your body to help you feel your best. He’s a certified massage therapist, trained acupressureist, and practices The Rolf Method of Structural Integration™

As a body worker, Bruce is responsible for enhancing your physical state while treating you to an invigorating sensation after only your first session. Using the Rolf Method of Structural Integration™ and deep tissue massage, Bruce rebuilds your body.

Bruce became interested in bodywork after an injury suffered while serving in the military led him to seek out the helpful hand of a well-known physical therapist who later introduced Bruce to The Rolf Method of Structural Integration™. Since that time, Bruce has successfully treated 1,000s of clients – including professional athletes Nyle Pruitt and Sarah Hayes.