By Willow Bend Fitness Trainer Jake Harden

What makes MAT different?

Current forms of therapy and exercise recognize muscle tightness as the primary factor that leads to pain or injury. The MAT process is radically different. It looks at muscle weakness as the cause of limitations in range of motion. Muscle tightness is the end product of reciprocal muscle weakness. When the body recognizes instability–muscle weakness–it protects itself, sending messages to surrounding muscles to tighten up in an attempt to support and protect the joint. This is why you continually have to stretch or massage the same area. MAT treats the causes of your pain or tightness not symptoms.

How does MAT work?

With a systematic evaluation procedure, which correlates limitations in range of motion to muscle weakness, MAT addresses the weak neurologically inhibited muscles through Precision Palpation and corrective isometrics. In turn, the protective contractions diminish, which increases joint range of motion. The end result is not only increased range of motion, but also stability throughout the range of motion. Results can be instant and about 2-6 1hr sessions are needed to eliminate the cause.


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