The patented footpath of the FreeMotion Commercial Elliptical Trainer guarantees an effective, low-impact cardiovascular workout with a comfortable, natural stride. The elliptical cross trainer allows you to simultaneously work your upper and lower body without joint pressure or stress. Burn calories as well as strengthen and tone your abs, legs, hips and glutes without the damage caused by impact. The innovative FreeMotion Elliptical offers a patented footpath for a more natural, easier striding motion that still engages the muscles in your legs and lower back. The smart, space-efficient rear access design allows users to enter and exit safely from the back of the machine. With 20 levels of the custom-designed Electromagnetic Resistance System (ERS), you receive consistent resistance that guarantees a powerful, aerobic workout. With several challenging, built-in programs such as the cardio, pulse, interval, all terrain and others, this elliptical supplies comprehensive strength conditioning to meet individual fitness goals. Adjust the intensity of your exercise or choose a program at the touch of a button with the QuickTouch feature. The display console monitors calories, time, pace, distance, resistance, heart rate and more to keep you focused and engaged. This commercial grade model offers superior construction, a compact, practical footprint and uncompromising performance.