“NOT” Your Traditional Yoga!

Power Up Yoga workouts are designed to maximize your power, energy, and vitality. They are delivered through a series of heart-thumping, sweat-pumping workouts that will leave you trim, energized, and heart healthy.You will learn how to practice poise, balance and concentration at all times during practice. With Power Up Yoga you will learn not only the physical aspects but the music and atmosphere will enhance your learning experience.Power Up Yoga uses a fast flow practice called Vinyasa this links yoga postures using the breath together with a fluid movement that gives you a cardiovascular, muscle-building workout. This is, so effective will melt away fat, build firm muscles, speed up your circulation and strengthen your heart. It creates internal heat within your body, which gives you more flexibility and helps your body release toxins.
Check the Club’s class schedule for class days and times.
For more info call Doreen Bills at: 214-280-2720 – doreen@powerupyoga.com – www.powerupyoga.com