Accountability Safety Knowledge

When it comes to working out the responsibility of the trainer is to make sure you are consistent and accountable.  Most people need a jump start or a reminder every once in awhile to get going and continue.  If you aren’t able to be consistent the trainer is your little reminder to do the right things.

Safety is the number 1 priority of the trainer while on the floor.  Focusing on safety and biomechanics the trainer makes sure that the client performs whatever program is needed in the most efficient and safe manner possible.  Without this focus the simplest routine can be very dangerous

The background of the trainer is very important when considering a trainer.  You need to look at not just the certifications and letters after their name but more about the experiences while honing their training philosophy.  The environment they came from, personal athletic experiences and personal contacts that they have developed should be considered when deciding on the right fit for a trainer.

By Jon Hering