Are you getting all of your essential vitamins on a daily basis? Do you spend hundreds of dollars on oral vitamins and supplements to improve your fitness and gym performance? Consider trying our IV bar to ensure that your body gets all the essential vitamins and minerals in a potent and fully absorbable formula. 

What is an IV bar?

An IV bar is a facility that provides intravenous vitamin and mineral concoctions, meant to enrich and supplement your body’s nutrition levels. Treatments are chosen carefully and tailored to each client’s nutritional needs to ensure that the client reaps the most benefit from each treatment. Lasting about 45 minutes on average, the treatments are not incredibly time-consuming but are extremely effective in providing your body with fully-absorbable nutrients. Although it is quicker to take a multivitamin, the body cannot absorb the multivitamin as efficiently as it can vitamins coming from an IV drip, making IV treatments a much better use of your time and money—plus, unlike multivitamin pills, IV treatments deliver restorative fluids directly to your bloodstream.

What are the benefits of using an IV bar?

  • Decreased post-workout recovery time
  • Fewer anxiety and panic attacks
  • Better hydration
  • Youthful glow for special occasions
  • Quicker recovery from viruses and illness
  • Fewer and less intense migraines
  • Decreased hangover recovery time
  • And many others

What is unique about the IV bar at Willow Bend Fitness Club?

Our IV bar has a calm, relaxing environment, and each treatment replenishes fluids, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, delivering nutrients directly into the bloodstream while ensuring 100-percent absorption. Our facility is unique in that we are located in the gym, so getting a recovery treatment after your workout could not be any easier. Once you try one of our scientifically-crafted, uniquely-tailored IV treatments, we promise you’ll feel the amazing benefits immediately and never consider buying oral supplements again.

Schedule IV bar services today to start feeling healthier and recovering faster from your intense training and workout sessions!

Now offering whole body Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy stimulates the immune system, initiates the regeneration processes in the body, and expedites rehabilitation after injuries. In the health and beauty industry, cryotherapy sessions are used to help tighten skin, to stimulate the immune system, help weight loss by burning more calories, and for anti-aging improving blood circulation. They also can provide a great boost to your fitness program or workout plan.

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