Matsuno Wellness is Plano’s Elite Center for The Rolf Method of Structural Integration and Advanced Therapeutic Massages. Our proprietor, Bruce Matsuno, is certified in the Rolf Method of Structural Integration and is a licensed massage therapist with more than two decades of experience providing revolutionary, as well as traditional, therapeutic massage methods.

Matsuno Wellness also offers Performance Recovery Therapy, which is an advanced sports massage therapy we customize to focus on healing your specific source of pain. PRT is especially beneficial to experienced athletes, as well as individuals who are new to weight training and exercise—as it is designed to enhance your performance, help you build and maintain flexibility, and relieve tension that can cause intense, restrictive pain.

If you suffer from chronic muscular pain, you may greatly benefit from massage therapy. Specifically, the Rolf Method of Structural Integration may be more effective at relieving your aches than other muscle treatments. Because Structural Integration focuses on repairing your connective tissues and adjusting your posture, its effects are incredibly helpful to patients who suffer from chronic pain.

What is the Rolf Method?

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration is performed by combining a full-body manual massage with the active participation of the client. Having the client participate allows connective tissues to be manipulated and significantly freed to enable tight muscles to easily move around and work harmoniously with the rest of your body. After our initial sessions, we continue to help our client maintain muscular freedom by teaching them awareness movement exercises that they can use for their own at-home massage therapy. This helps clients maintain and continue to improve their muscular range of motion.

We also utilize orthopedic and medical massage techniques as well as Active Therapeutic Muscle Therapy to provide our clients with the massage method or methods that will best suit their needs. We offer advanced deep-tissue massages, chair massages, Swedish massages, and others! No matter the massage method your body requires, we have the services you need. Contact us to receive more massage therapy information and to learn how it can impact your personal fitness program.

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