What is MAT?

A revolutionary, unique program designed for your body, Muscle Activation Techniques offer corrective solutions to your body’s muscular limitations and injuries. Developed from a scientific approach, these therapy sessions can help you overcome the muscular boundaries your body faces and teach you how to get a full range of motion and use from all of your muscles and joints.

Our experienced and dedicated professional team members offer their services uniquely tailored to you and your specific needs. Because this is a non-invasive technique, MAT therapy can be performed regularly, doesn’t require recovery time post-procedure and is much less expensive than surgical corrective procedures. These therapy sessions are incredibly beneficial to athletes with old injuries as well as new gym members who are learning the limitations of their body, and every session is specifically crafted to meet each client’s unique needs.

What happens during a MAT therapy session?

The first step in our process is to assess your muscular abilities and movement patterns which helps us to evaluate your ability to contract them. If we see that you’re suffering from a decreased range of motion or loss of muscle contraction, we will take the next step and develop a plan of action to ensure that your physical performance will not be inhibited. It is our mission to correct any muscular contraction or range of motion issues to help you perform your workouts and training sessions without limitation.

Once we’ve established the muscular limitations of your body and made our plan of action, we will execute our plan by utilizing precise palpation and corrective isometrics to lessen to contractions of the weakened and strained muscles that affect your mobility and range of motion. As the protective contractions lessen and fade, you will benefit from increased mobility and range of motion in your muscle and joint. In some cases, results can be felt instantly and other cases may require between two and six hour-long sessions to feel full benefits and eliminate the cause of the issues.

Regardless of the reasons behind your suffering from a decreased range of motion or lack of joint mobility, you could greatly benefit from a MAT therapy session at our facility.

Benefits of MAT

We focus on 5 things:

  1. Improved Coordination and Performance in any sport (We have worked with helping youth, strengthening dancers and even better verticals with professional basketball players)
  2. Improved Flexibility (Flexibility with Stable joints)
  3. Decreased Pain
  4. Increased Strength
  5. Lower Risk of Injury